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Kenworth Truck Powered By Cummins
Kenworth Transportation

Most of the trucks at Boyle’s Livestock Transport are run as B-Double configurations. All our fleet is modern with trucks updated every 5-7 years and most trailers updated every 10-12 years.

Prime Movers


We operate mostly Kenworth and Mack prime movers. By having the same running gear throughout our whole fleet we are able to keep spare parts to suit all vehicles. We can also achieve less down time through having a tried and true maintenance program that is consistent across our whole fleet. All Kenworth prime movers are powered by Cummins signature engines and Mack prime movers are Mack powered MP10 engines. All engines are Euro 4 equivalent or better .


Our accredited workshop is run with 3 staff that allows us to maintain vehicles when we require it not when we can get a booking at a workshop. This gives us maximum flexibility and availability of equipment, ensuring your load is always on the move.


All vehicles are fitted with sleeper cab air conditioners to ensure our drivers get the best opportunity to rest when required. A comfortable and reliable vehicle helps a driver to perform their task to the best of their ability.





We operate 10 B-Double non-bruise cattle trailers, all on air bag suspension and equipped with hydraulic ramps, internal lighting, non-bruise sides and the option of both big and short penning. This gives the customer the option of separating different types of stock on the load.


We operate 7 B-Double and 4 single trailer 4x2 convertible trailers. Giving the option of carting both sheep and cattle. All our convertible trailers are equipped with removable poles to ensure being cattle friendly. They are all on air bag suspension and equipped with internal lighting hydraulic ramps and non-bruise sides.


Our preferred cattle trailers are Cannon Beef Bus trailer built in Toowoomba Qld by Blue Cannon. We feel them to be the best cattle trailer on the market.


Our preferred Convertible trailers are Byrne trailers and Dickinson trailers both built in Wagga Wagga NSW. They both offer flexible specs for comfort to both sheep and cattle.



Truck & Trailer


We also operate a 2x1 truck and trailer combination for smaller jobs. It is 50 foot in length giving maximum loading and flexibility for farm access. It is also equipped with a roll over tarp for those “special” jobs.


We offer all options available on the market giving you a one stop shop when it comes to the equipment needed to transport your livestock.



Tow Operators


Our fleet includes 6 Owner Drivers or Tow operators who operate with our business. This gives a very personal touch to our service where the driver also owns their truck, therefor the business is as much theirs as ours. While taking nothing away from our company drivers this supports them with a core of professional operators in our fleet with a vested interest in providing a professional service to all customers.


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